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NYC Business Wizard  - Step by Step Questions & Result Learn which permits, licenses and regulations matter to you
FDA Approval Requirements
New York State Regulation 
Q&A on Dietary Supplements (Which Herbal Products Fall in)
Ideas From Entrepreneur Magazine - Different Ways to Market
Farm Products Regulations
How to Make Money With a Little Herb Garden
A Virtual Tour of an Herbal Farm - A Great Success Story
American Herbalist Guild - Offers Training Sessions
International - Connect to Thousands of Customers
Laws Concerning Herbal Products Worldwide
Discussion - Concerning the Sale of Ingestable Herbal Products
Notice the Confusion in This Discussion Group
ETSY Bans Herbal Products Making Curative Claims  
About ETSY
 Herbalist Website
Another Herbalist Website  
Selling Herbs – Great Advice from Other Sellers 
Herbal Affiliate Programs
The Truth About Affiliate Programs

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 Popular Herbal Affiliate Program
 Mountain Rose Herbal Site and Video
Market Health Affiliate Program - Video - Find Your Niche 
Market Health Affiliate Program - Without a Website- video
What Can You Sell from Your Garden
How to Sell Products On-Line
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