A business website allows you to display current nventory, as well as to list the type of merchandise you are looking to buy.

A business website is also a great place to list contact information, information on your showroom or shows you will be selling at, and any other pertinent information you wish to share with your customers.

Your website can also serve as a platform to promote an e-mail list. E-mail lists can be used to advertise items that are for sale, announce items that you are seeking to purchase, and to promote shows where you will be selling. E-mail lists work best if the customer feels that they are receiving value from the subscription so make sure to include good information and not always try to "sell" something to your subscribers.

Research every purchase as carefully as possible if you are not certain what you are buying. Purchasing a warehouse of inventory that cannot be sold at a profit is a quick trip to being out of business. Choosing one or two specialties can help to avoid the confusion that goes with trying to master multiple types of antiques and collectibles.


Best Places to Shop for Antiques, Reproductions and Collectibles in Bangkok, Thailand


eBay Partnering Kaboodle to Promote My Collectibles.

Organize and keep track of your entire collection

  • Share your collection with friends, family, and other collectors
  • Explore collections from around the world
  • Rate other collections and collectors
  • Find collectors that share your passion

  • While the eBay/Kaboodle collaboration is being touted by both partners as a free, Web 2.0 communications and sharing tool for collectors, it is designed to promote the sale ofĂ‚ many different types of items offered for sale at eBay.
Shown below are the top five finalists for Selling Collectibles in their order of finish.

Antique Appraisals Onlinewww.roykas.comNationally known expert Seen on TV Find out the value of your items
Old cameras to Buys & Sells Used Photo Equipment.
Shop Vintage and Antiqueswww.rubylane.comChoose From Over 500,000 Items Own Something Special!


Webstore is a free marketplace that "hopes to bring the 'Garage Sale' to the online world." When checking out their thousands of listings, they just might realize the dream. In a good way.


This is the newbie in the bunch, starting just a few short years ago. Although the company's mission is for the "handmade, art, and indie business", sellers have also found a niche for selling their vintage collectibles.


As with the Buying nominations, Etsy also had a strong following for selling collectibles and antiques. With the fees also being very affordable, many vintage sellers apparently list here as an alternative market place.

Ruby Lane

RubyLane has been around since the 1998 and includes categories such as Antiques, Fine Arts, Jewelry and Collectibles. Of the top five nominations, RubyLane has some of tightest restrictions on what may and may not be sold on their website, along with strict requirements for their sellers.


About the Readers' Choice Awards's Readers' Choice Awards provide users with a chance to voice their opinions about the best products across some of the most popular categories on The recipients of the Reader's Choice Awards will have the unique opportunity to display the coveted Reader's Choice Awards badge on their Web site.

Google:  Buyers looking for antiques and collectibles can search by image, topics, websites etc. OK, I don't have explain Google to you, just know that there are unlimited ways to search for items, and buyers are more likely to use Google's search box than any other source.
eBay: Yup that's right, even with all it's recent problems and controversial changes, if you want to get the job done, the online auction giant still offers the best chance of actually selling your item.

Amazon: They have great customer support for a company this size, you can actually get them on the phone!
Worthpoint: From out of nowhere came this company which calls itself a Social Network for Antiquers. It's achieved hyper-rapid growth and is approaching 60,000 users! Worthpoint is where you want to go if you have a high end item that you would like to get in a major auction house, but need assistance.
Their experts, or "Worthologists" as they are called, will guide you in an appraisal and if needed turn it over to their team of brokers to negotiate proper placement and the best possible commission percentage in major auction houses throughout the world. Watch for big things to come from this company as they have just purchased GoAntiques, the online antiques mall with over 300,000 users!
Bonanzle: This site is fun, fun, fun and very simple. It brags that you can post a listing in 60 seconds, so I signed up and put it to the test, you can. I was on the site for the day, chatting with users and making business connections.  It's all about social selling. When you sign up for Bonanzle, you get a "booth" that has it's own chat room.
People can either buy from you live when your online, or drag and drop any of the items in your booth to the easy check-out shopping cart. Lots of sites claim they are easy to use, and then are just plain hell when you try to get started. Bonanzle is as easy as it claims. Because of this and it's neat social selling aspect, I think the site is going to do well. It's also experiencing rapid growth.

Your own site: Google's powerful search engine is grows every day, making it much easier, more efficient and profitable than ever to sell on your own site. I'm not advocating that you sell only on your own website, rather dovetail your efforts with another good selling platform to multiply your efforts exponentially. Selling multi-channel is a must as it helps to gain experience and increase your customer base, but make no mistake do need a unique web presence. A great anchor to all of these things is a wonderful online directory called Everyplace I Sell .com  It's exactly what it sounds like, it's free to use and is run by the very capable staff who brought you, the #1 online auction magazine. Simply stated, is a directory where people can find you no matter which platform you sell on, be it your own, or any other.